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post farmakeia

Increase in banditry in pharmacies recorded recently by the authorities. Pharmacies have become a frequent target of burglars, as drugs stored in their facilities can be sold on the black market at a very high price and cash are not sufficiently kept.

Pharmacies are an easy target for burglars, either when they are closed, or when on duty when the pharmacist usually makes the shift alone, out of hours that the world does not move in the streets. Of course we should not forget that attacks at midday were reported too.

The Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association has asked the State protection and intensive policing. But are all these suffice enough to prevent their potential burglars that are targeting your business?

Beyond the State intervention we should protect ourselves our own. Netizen Security gives you some tips to create a shield against the invaders. A safety system that preserves all entrances with motion sensors is necessary. The alarm will function as a deterrent for burglars, but will not prevent them from trying to access either you're in or not.

The next step to upgrade the level of your security system is the placement Fog Smoke Machine. The dynamics of the security systems is to prevent crime, but mainly direct notice of the authorities in the event of a crime attempt.

But the time that elapses from the time of notification of the authorities from the security system until their arrival in the area for interference, is vital to curb crime, since it has been noticed that in the first 15 minutes the offender can manage to extract valuables from the room and fled. Fog Smoke Machines come to fill this gap by upgrading security systems from passive to active now, since after a security system has been connected to smoke fog machine, is not limited at informing of the invasion, but defends energetically by jetting the fog smoke against the invaders. The results observed are impressive.

It is also advisable to install a CCTV system, through which you can have remote access via mobile phone or computer. With these takings you can find if there is someone in the room that should not be. The camera security system will help you to detect any intruders in your room even during working hours. The CCTV can prove as a valuable asset for your business.

Furthermore, to secure medicines you store in your pharmacy, you can have a separate area for them. An access control system can only provide access to those who are authorized to enter the area and to submit monitoring reports so you can monitor access at any time.

By choosing and combinating the integrated security systems of Netizen Security, you can reach the ultimate level of security for your business.

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