The new Panasonic systems allow great flexibility in managing your messages.

Voice mail and fax can be obtained using the integrated Unified Messaging system in several ways:

As attachments to e-mail, via the server (IMAP4), or by a Help notice. This means that you can listen to voice messages using your phone or your computer for maximum flexibility.

Some of the features that will make easier the way you are functioning:

Built-in Voice Mail

  • Voice Mail/Mail Box Feature
  • Interview Service
  • Custom Service
  • Automatic Two-way Recording for Managers
  • Automated Attendant

The integrated voice mail can handle incoming calls and you can manage your personal MailBox from your mobile phone. Voice mail can also be shared across the network.

Fax Server

Through fax server you can receive and send fax. The incoming fax can be stored in mailboxes and the user can be informed via the waiting message indicator or via e-mail, to be forwarded, printed and downloaded to your computer.

E-mail Integration

The new systems can send e-mail and notify users when they have new fax and voice messages. It can also receive attachments. The new systems also support IMAP4 servers, so that the user can access the contents of their mailboxes using a common email that supports the IMAP4 protocol, such as Microsoft Outlook.

Communication Assistant

The Communication Assistant is a flexible application that can seamlessly work with the contacts of your PC and make easier to manage your calls.

IP Software Phone

For people who travel often the IP Software Phone is the best tool to have their calls anywhere they are at the world.

Integration with Microsoft® Outlook®

The new Panasonic system works seamlessly with Microsoft® Outlook® allowing users to easily dial phone numbers of their contacts and receive pop-up alerts on incoming calls.

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