Nowadays, the access control systems are one of the most common ways of security installation, both in professional spaces and homes.

These systems are full-parametric using the transcended software and they can serve a big amount of applications in everything that has to do with chosen access and the hour counting of the employees. There are many choices of equipment depending on the need of the customer and including solutions with card readers, keyboards, touch screens with fingerprints and eye detection.


Netizen Security with many years of installation in this kind of systems, we can ensure the kind of access and level of security that you desire in every room  of your property, in total or particularly, ensuring the quality and the reliability that you are looking for from a state of the art access control system.





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What is it?

The Acco device is an access control system that has dynamic characteristics such as:

Access rights per user and per group
Recording memory up to 20,000 events in each controller if there is no server connection. 

 Access control individually or in combination:

With proximity cards – proximity reader

With numeral pin – pin reader

With finger print – finger print reader

With face recognition reader

User Rights


Access Control

Join your business using the solution of "OneKeySolution" which is the most popular way of facilities protection. The system can be used as Controller for Entrance-Exit in facilities, Controller for Entrance-Exit in Computer Room, Recording person’s staying in place (time & attendance), Utility Doors to homes and Parking, in Hotel Management doors etc.

The advantages of ACCO access control system devices make the system an attractive product for companies and organizations interested in tracking the movement of people in the area protected by the security system. The possibilities offered by the ACCO system units allow you to choose the most adjusted solutions for controlled building.

We Offer:

  • Free autopsy of your place
  • Maximize Your Security
  • Cost reduction up to 80%
  • Financing in 6 installments for 50% of the project
  • 5-year guarantee impeccable operation with versatile Netizen Gold program




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