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Leader in the remote management of integrated security systems.

PACOM is a global leader of integrated security systems, in the field of solutions with multiple locations and surrounding buildings. PACOM is the leader in security solutions for IP networks, for more than 30 years and is considered the most reliable solution from the most prestigious organizations in the world, in markets such as healthcare, education, utilities, telecommunications, retail, transportation, banking and finance sector.


Utilities and Telecommunications

Utilities and telecommunications providers face growing physical security threats. In critical environments such as oil and gas facilities, wind turbines, power facilities and telecommunication organizations, a disruption in service can have a huge impact.
The security threats faced by these agencies cover not only terrorism, but also vandalism, theft and natural general concerns for public safety.

PACOM offers integrated solutions that protect all critical infrastructures from security threats, marks the early detection and warning of a possible security breach, while ensuring that access is limited to authorized personnel only. In particular, the PACOM provides expertise in managing multiple security areas, a problem faced by the majority of energy providers and communications.

A PACOM solution can be designed to provide a fully integrated security system comprising proper function with the following security elements:


 Intrusion Detection alarm


Access Control


Interface with this services (e.g., lighting, air conditioning etc.)

Along with smart PACOM security management software and its ability to send alerts seamlessly to monitoring centers, all the security needs of a Utility, are now covered.

Retail Solutions

An integrated PACOM security system can make your business run more smoothly, be more efficient and more secure. It is a system adopted by retailers - large and small - worldwide. The PACOM solution enables you to identify the risks effectively, such as the reduction of products, staff turnover, false alarms, environmental damage, protection of assets of staff and customer safety.

Unlike conventional alarm panels that only send alarm information, PACOM solution is a powerful communication platform that integrates critical business applications, old security products (such as old alarm panels, analog and digital video), wireless security and access control devices. Our system allows retailers real-time control over their activities through the PACOM GMS (Graphical Management System). This technology allows customers to remotely manage security and administrative tasks in all retail locations, corporate offices, distribution centers and critical facilities from anywhere in the network. The alarm monitoring system can be internal or outsourced. PACOM technology adjusts to any situation and can even be shared to multiple providers of telecommunications services.

 PACOM solution uses IP communication, eliminating the need for special phone lines, which significantly reduces system operating costs. A lot of our customers achieve return on investment (ROI) within 24 months. PACOM provides a system that can treat and meet the challenges of today’s retail, but is also easily adjustable to the expanding needs of prevention of loss and the security of tomorrow's needs. With interfaces on leading brands of digital video, alarm panels and wireless devices, PACOM system is the only open system that can be integrated at every level, adjusting the solution to the specific needs of each retail customer. PACOM solutions provide unrivaled reliability, while adding value by integrating the operational and administrative tasks in a central system.

Security Systems on Finance and Banking

PACOM security systems have developed innovative services and technology solutions designed to ensure that our customers, including large banks and financial institutions, can effectively manage their security.

The cornerstone of PACOM solution is reliability. It ensures that your system will continue to operate with critical events, providing unlimited and unquestionable reliability performance. The reliability and consistency are at the heart of PACOM technology, culminating in a solution that the systems will continue to function, regardless of the environment.


The strong GMS (Graphical Management System) allows remote banking and financial services clients in real time, to have control of all branches, ATMs and offices, at a glance. Change the PIN codes and users, print access cards, set centrally individual alarm panels, and broadcast remote upgrades and changes at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for site visits. GMS verifies alarm events immediately, with its built-in features of digital video. You can search in a specific location or event or you can create custom reports from thousands of locations, and to do all this from anywhere on the network. PACOM technology adjusts according to your requirements.

Best of all is that customers usually have a return on investment (ROI), within two years. The PACOM solution is used inside the customer IP network and therefore does not require special telephone lines. Having remote management ability, the need for site visits is almost nonexistent and the customer can manage its internal system, removing the cost of visits.

PACOM systems provide a strong security foundation, which perfectly addresses the requirements of today, while providing quick adaptation to the growing needs of tomorrow.

PACOM security systems support interface solutions with all leading digital video systems, alarm panels and wireless devices, which means that our solutions are a truly open system that can be integrated at every level, providing credibility while maintaining flexibility.

Government Solutions

PACOM has been providing, remote access control security solutions to government facilities all over the world for over 30 years. PACOM offers a single solution that can be managed from anywhere in the existing customer IT network. Currently, the PACOM serves hundreds of government facilities around the world. Police, prisons, defense, public administration and municipal services. Some of these organizations manage up to 100 remote sites.
Integrating PACOM technology in many of the top digital video recorders (DVR), alarm panels, access control readers and wireless devices allows already installed products to continue being used where appropriate. PACOM system means that customers in public sector can continue to use existing products and technologies, but also have a centralized system for managing and monitoring these.

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