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Increase in banditry in pharmacies recorded recently by the authorities. Pharmacies have become a frequent target of burglars, as drugs stored in their facilities can be sold on the black market at a very high price and cash are not sufficiently kept.

Pharmacies are an easy target for burglars, either when they are closed, or when on duty when the pharmacist usually makes the shift alone, out of hours that the world does not move in the streets. Of course we should not forget that attacks at midday were reported too.

The Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association has asked the State protection and intensive policing. But are all these suffice enough to prevent their potential burglars that are targeting your business?

Beyond the State intervention we should protect ourselves our own. Netizen Security gives you some tips to create a shield against the invaders. A safety system that preserves all entrances with motion sensors is necessary. The alarm will function as a deterrent for burglars, but will not prevent them from trying to access either you're in or not.

The next step to upgrade the level of your security system is the placement Fog Smoke Machine. The dynamics of the security systems is to prevent crime, but mainly direct notice of the authorities in the event of a crime attempt.

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Congratulations to Alexis Vervelakis and Anna Demirtzoglou!

On December 13 was held in Limassol, Cyprus, a major sporting event that attracted many friends of CrossFit and not only. Alexis Vervelakis and Anna Demirtzoglou participated and excelled in the 4th and 15th position of the competition each.

Netizen Security supports their efforts!

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Now that it is the holiday season, safety of your space is even timelier. 


You can easily discourage a thief by making his work both difficult and time consuming. The more you delay a burglary the greater the chances of catching the burglar and in most cases he will move to another easier target, and for this reason in recent years are beginning to be used very often, two new technologies of perimeter detection systems and smoke fog devices. 

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Feel secure! In Netizen Security we evolve reliable solutions targeted to the security of all of you.


  •         FREE autopsy of your space.
  •         FREE evaluation of your old security system.
  •         Installation of integrated equipment that guarantees 100% security from certified and well-trained technicians.
  •         Connection with ARC.
  •         Financing in 6 installments for 50% of your project.
  •         5 year WARRANTY of proper operation with versatile Netizen Gold program.

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Interview with Ian Ferguson

Business Development Manager PIR, EMEA


How modern technologies help to effectively respond to the security breach incidents?

The adoption of advanced video analytics systems and advanced IP solutions, combined with the ability of rapid transmission of high-quality images and live Video, even through low bandwidth networks, has resulted in significant enhancement of security and surveillance facilities, so the response in person and facilities threatening incidents to be done rapidly. Xtralis, always committed to the development of modern security technologies is currently planning systems that stand for the ability of very early detection of threats.

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Modern demands in the market of perimeter protection systems, the possibilities and advantages offered by GJD solutions and successful cooperation of the company in the Greek market with Netizen Security, were the issues developed to us Ana Maria Sagra Smith- International Sales & Marketing Director of GJD Company- in an interview given in Security Manager magazine on the occasion of her visit to Greece, as a guest of honor of Netizen Security, under the 3rd Security Project.

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NETIZEN SECURITY invites you to attend the 3rd SECURITY PROJECT conference at TITANIA HOTEL which will take place on 24th and 25th of April. We are waiting to get acquainted with us, and with our partners, representatives of HEITEL - XTRALIS and GJD, at booth V5.


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