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Can you prevent the risk of a burglary right on time? Of course! A fogging security system is probably the last stronghold to protect your property.


The conventional alarm systems play exclusively a deterrent role: the scope for action of the expert thief can range from 3 minutes, for an acoustic sound system, to 8 minutes for action on the part of the security forces. He, thus, has a sufficient timescale to end breaking and entering.

A fogging security system, is a warning machine, that when put into operation, releases an extremely dense layer of fog, covering the entire space, in only a few seconds. The fog released from the machine hinders the eye of the burglar and makes it extremely difficult to see. This way, the intruder flummoxes, disorientates and has a tendency to flee.

This system can be installed wherever inside a home or a building. It can be placed on the wall, even in angular position. The fogging security system can be interfaced with any existing alarm system, even an old one, without the need for additional building work. The maintenance needed is minimal, as the special fluid container, which is included, is sufficient for more than one incident.

It is also important that the fog released is non-toxic and harmless to people and animals. It also does not damage any kind of furniture or other objects, because once it is vaporized, the security fog does not leave residue.

The fogging machine system can be used along with a strobe light which exerts additional pressure on burglars using a disturbing flash, or even with a security siren which emits an unbearable but innocuous sound that forces the burglar to flee.

So, a fogging security system is an important addition to a common security system, as it offers a higher level of protection, from burglaries and vandalism, creating an additional protective "shield".