Are you looking for a friendly way to manage your phone calls?

Are you looking for an easy way to activate the advanced features of your call center?

Are you looking for a direct way to make your calls through your contacts?

Are you looking for a fast way to check the activity of your call center?

Are you looking for an easy way to develop software that connects to a call center?

The C-Phone software offers:

Call management through computer

Management of the advanced features of your call center

Operator Control function

Recording of calls statistics

Subsystem for Hotels

Application development tool

It provides the following functions:

Caller identification using the Microsoft Outlook contacts (Private & Public Folders), central or local database.

Call Management

Answering and Termination

Diversion, Transfer and Transfer to Voice Mail

Call recovery from another internal phone

Putting on hold and Recovery

Door opening

Chat Recovery on Voice Mail

Call “Parking”

Call using Contacts

Update/Creation of contacts during a call

Unlimited indicating lights for internal phones (Occupied/Free/Ringing)

IP Camera Integration

Call Forwarding and Do not disturb

Message of Absence

Missed Calls

Speed Dial Numbers

Call History

Notes per call or/and per contact


The Call Recording offers statistics about all the calls of the call center

Graphic Display of Internal and External Line Activity

Call Analysis for Internal and External Lines

Multiple choice criteria

Recognition of Town & Country code except Mexico and Nigeria. 16.935 codes are recognizable for 230 countries.

Dynamically defined prints: analytical, centralized, hourly breakdown, frequent call numbers

Access Rights per user

Parametrically defined providers, time charges, Callers, etc.

Movement analysis for internal and external lines

Smart display of group calls (DISA, Group, Pickup)

Automatic updated of internal’s through names from call center


Device lock/unlock

Other Charges

Waking and Monitoring Execution

Partial Bill Payment

Charging Limits

Support for Phone Cabin

Room State (Clean/Not clean)

Charging History

Group Arrival / Departure/ Waking

Room Change

The Hotel Subsystem offers and easy way for managing phone functions and room charges for hotels and hospitals.

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